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Seize Command of Your Application Landscape with Our Comprehensive Application Management Services.

Tailored Management for Your Applications

Regain Control of Your Application Environment with our Customizable On-Demand Managed Services. Determine the Level of Support You Require to Efficiently Navigate Time and Budget Constraints. Our Step-by-Step Process Ensures a Hassle-Free Journey.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Unveil What's in Use and Where.

Streamline and Prioritize Essential Applications.

Select Apps and Their Deployment Sequence.

Thoroughly Prepare and Test Applications.

Get Set for a Smooth Migration.

Release Applications to Your End Users.

Navigating the Application Landscape

Application Discovery
Initiate the Process by Discovering, Identifying, and Mapping Every Application Across Your Enterprise. Irrespective of the Platform—Physical Servers, Virtualized Systems, or Cloud Environments—we Unearth Each Application's Details.

Application Rationalization
Address the Challenge of Application Proliferation. As User Requirements Evolve, Striking a Balance between Availability and Flexibility Can Be Complex. We Assist You in Reducing Application Sprawl and Ensuring User Satisfaction.

Application Prioritization
With Hundreds or Thousands of Applications in Scope, Our Agile Approach Ensures a Smoother Transition for Windows 10 Migration. We Divide the Estate into Smaller Tranches, Allowing for Earlier Migration Phases and a Faster Project Completion.

Application Packaging and Testing
Prepare Your Applications Effectively. Our Cost-Efficient Pay-As-You-Go Packaging Service Ensures Rapid Application Deployment, Regardless of Your Chosen Delivery Method.

Application Monitoring and Readiness
Stay Informed and Control the Migration Process. Real-Time Updates and Insights Allow You to Tackle Bottlenecks, Identify Outstanding Applications, and Ensure a Smooth Migration.

Application Deployment
Efficiently Load Packaged Applications into Your Deployment Toolset. Collaboratively Plan and Execute Deployment, Drawing from Our Expertise in Application Deployment and Your Business Priorities.

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From Application Discovery to Deployment, Count on Leapfrog Technology Group for Expert Solutions.

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