Effortless AVD Management: Efficient Provisioning and Cost Control

Master Your AVD Resources with Dynamic Provisioning

Automate Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Provisioning and De-Provisioning for Cost-Effective Management.

Addressing Cost Challenges

  1. Wasted Azure Credits
    Leaving AVDs Running Unnecessarily Drains Your Azure Credits. Even Diligent Power Management Falls Short in Tackling Costs.
  2. Managing Cloud Costs
    Unpredictable Cloud Pricing from Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Needs a Streamlined Approach to Keep Costs in Check.
  3. Cost-Efficient Testing
    Evaluating Citrix and AVD Incurs Testing Costs. Reducing the Expense of Testing Both Platforms Is a Key Concern.

Revolutionizing AVD Management

Optimize Your Azure Virtual Desktops with Algiz's Innovative Provisioning Solution.

Comprehensive De-Provisioning
We Don’t Just Power Off, We Completely De-Provision AVDs, Releasing Resources and Slashing Storage Costs.

Tailored Availability
Schedule AVDs Based on Your Workday, De-Provisioning During Off-Hours to Eliminate Unnecessary Costs.

Intelligent Monitoring
Continuous Monitoring Ensures Optimal Resource Usage, With Autoscaling to Handle Peaks in Demand.

Zone Management
Enhance User Experience by Configuring VDAs for Different Zones, Providing Users with the Best Performance Locally.

Unlock Efficiency, Reduce Costs
Empower Your Cloud Desktop Management with Algiz's Dynamic AVD Provisioning.

Realizing Savings

Automated Provisioning
Create Virtual Desktops Aligned with Your Workday and De-Provision During Off-Hours.

Performance Optimization
Constant Monitoring Guarantees Resource Efficiency and Applies Policies to Enhance Performance.

Smart Scaling
Automated Scaling in Response to Demand Spikes Ensures Smooth User Experience.

Tailored User Zones
Enhance User Satisfaction by Tailoring VDAs to Different Geographical Regions.