Automating Application Packaging with Leapfrog Technology Group

Revolutionize Your Application Delivery with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Streamline Through Automation

Harness the Power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline and expedite your application delivery process. From initiating new application requests to packaging existing applications, automation takes center stage.

The Challenge

In the realm of large organizations, the management and packaging of numerous off-the-shelf and custom applications present both financial and operational hurdles. The intricate processes, both before and after packaging, are vital yet time-consuming, leading to project delays.

Navigating Complex Applications
We're confronted with intricate applications that are impeding our migration progress.

Meeting Soaring Demand
The demand for application packaging is soaring, necessitating immediate short-term support.

Overcoming Backlogs
We're falling behind on application packaging projects, struggling to maintain pace.

Navigating Complex Applications
We're facing challenges with complex applications that are impeding our migration progress.

Meeting Soaring Demand
The demand for application packaging is skyrocketing, necessitating immediate short-term assistance.

Achieve End-to-End Automation

RPA introduces a world of possibilities by allowing you to design robots or "bots" that follow rules-based processes. These bots emulate and execute tasks, leading to quicker and more accurate results.

By observing the actions of skilled packaging professionals, your bots replicate these processes with heightened efficiency and precision. As certified automation specialists, Leapfrog Technology Group collaborates with you to craft and implement automated workflows, ensuring streamlined application management and project completion within scope.

Request Automation
Automate application requests and change approvals seamlessly.

Media Automation
Discover and provision media through automated processes.

Requirements Automation
Automatically capture and manage application requirements.

Package Automation
Utilize automation for efficient application packaging.

QA Automation
Automate Quality Assurance procedures for consistency.

Integration Automation
Automate integration testing processes.

UAT Automation
Deploy and test User Acceptance Testing (UAT) through automation.

From Discovery to Autopilot

Collaborating with your internal team, our experts scrutinize your existing processes and transform them into automated workflows.

Identifying Bottlenecks
We pinpoint stages responsible for consistent project delays, highlighting areas that can benefit from automation.

Implementing Best Practices
Armed with a clearer understanding of your processes, we integrate best practices to enhance compliance and accelerate workflows.

Enhancing Scalability
With fewer hindrances and optimized processes, we uncover strategies to elevate application delivery from hundreds to thousands.

Boosting User Satisfaction
Automation expedites stages of the process, leading to swifter application delivery and ultimately happier users.

Intelligent RPA for Tailored Packaging

Leapfrog Technology Group merges automation expertise with leading RPA tools, coupled with an in-depth comprehension of applications, to simplify the packaging and delivery of your estate.

Code-Free Automation
We design visual automations that are intuitive to comprehend and modify. Workflow scripts can be adjusted effortlessly, catering to specific needs or global updates.

Handling Unexpected Events
Our robots emulate the behavior of our skilled packagers, adeptly navigating unusual application scenarios and unforeseen events.

Flexible Outputs
We infuse logical elements into automated workflows, ensuring outputs adapt to application variables or chosen delivery methods.

Simplified Instructions
Our point-and-click interface replaces convoluted instructions, making the creation and comprehension of instructions a breeze.

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