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Simplify Desktop Management with On-Demand Application Packaging Solutions

Application Packaging Services for IT Managers

Empowering Internal IT Management

If you're responsible for managing internal IT operations, our specialized application packaging services are tailored to meet your organization's needs.

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Application Packaging Services for Service Providers

Enhance IT Service Offerings

As an IT service provider, you can leverage our application packaging services to deliver optimized solutions for your clients' projects.

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Streamlining Internal IT Challenges

In today's dynamic IT landscape, keeping up with evolving operating systems, software packages, and deployment methods is a daunting task. The constant changes can lead to inefficiencies and increased costs.

Simplify with Expert Assistance

Delegate the complexities of application packaging to our team of experts and gain control over your projects. At Leapfrog Technology Group, we ensure that you're always in charge.

Our comprehensive support covers all phases of your packaging project. Just provide us with the source media for your applications, and we'll handle the rest, allowing you to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Collaborative Partnership

We collaborate seamlessly with your existing technology partners to ensure a smooth process. Whether you're working with local or global System Integrators, we're here to enhance your project's efficiency.

Addressing Application Packaging Demands

The rising demand for application packaging has left us struggling to keep pace. We're actively seeking short-term assistance to meet this growing requirement.

"Leapfrog Technology Group's services have proven invaluable, freeing our team to concentrate on core tasks while leaving application packaging to the experts."

Director of IT Operations
TechGenius Corp

Elevating IT Service Provider Solutions

Unexpected surges in application packaging workloads and a lack of in-house expertise can disrupt project timelines and lead to substantial costs.

Mitigating Project Delays

The absence of specialized packaging skills can negatively impact your client relationships in two significant ways. It can hinder your ability to contribute to migration or virtualization projects, causing missed revenue opportunities. Additionally, packaging-related project delays can strain client partnerships.

Partnering for Optimal Results

By partnering with Leapfrog Technology Group early in the process, you can proactively prevent project setbacks and ensure smoother implementations.

We provide comprehensive support across all packaging project phases, including direct collaboration with your clients. You can maintain your preferred level of involvement while we ensure client satisfaction, putting you in control.

Meeting Complex Application Packaging Needs

Our clients are encountering challenges with packaging complex applications, leading to migration delays. Although packaging isn't our core offering, we're actively seeking external assistance to address this gap.

Tailored Enterprise Solutions

"Leapfrog Technology Group's expertise and professional approach have enabled us to implement solutions efficiently for our clients. They have consistently stood out as the preferred application packaging partner."

NextWave Solutions

On-Demand Application Packaging Excellence

Our flexible Pay-As-You-Go application packaging services guarantee efficient delivery of applications to end users, regardless of your preferred delivery platform—whether it's Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Microsoft App-V, Citrix XenApp, or VMware ThinApp.

Key Advantages of Our Services:

  1. Efficient Workload Management Our 24/7 service ensures effective management from discovery to deployment, offering the assistance you need.
  2. Simplified Project Complexity Overcome delays and adhere to project timelines through standardized, repeatable packaging processes and clear documentation.
  3. Optimized Budget Allocation Our fixed 'per-app' pricing allows for accurate cost forecasting and prevents unexpected budget overruns.
  4. Reduced Support Calls By adhering to industry best practices, we minimize issues for end users and reduce the burden on your support team.
  5. Expertise Tailored to You Our extensive experience ensures that we provide the right skill set for your project from the outset.
  6. Enhanced Resource Allocation By entrusting application management to us, you can allocate resources to high-impact projects and emerging technologies.

Our Proven Process

Discovery and Assessment
Identify applications, users, and their specific requirements. Categorize and prepare media for efficient packaging.

Application Packaging Excellence
Our skilled team handles application packaging, both on-site and remotely for international clients.

Rigorous Quality Assurance
Every package is accompanied by comprehensive documentation and a thorough quality assurance checklist.

Rigorous Testing and Deployment
Applications undergo rigorous testing on your chosen platform before being released for client evaluation.

The Gradual Approach
Rather than overwhelming you with all packaged applications at once, we deliver them as you need them. This approach ensures you receive relevant applications when you're ready to use them.

Flexible Pay-Per-App Pricing
Our straightforward 'per-app' pricing model ensures predictable costs. Whether you need packaging for one application or several, we've got you covered.

Your Trusted Application Packaging Partner
From Windows migrations to delivering applications for thousands of users, our expertise spans a wide range of scenarios.

Addressing Your Questions

What's Your Application Packaging Experience?
Our seasoned experts have successfully delivered thousands of applications across various industries, catering to organizations of all sizes. We offer both on-site and off-site services to accommodate your needs.

What Types of Applications Can You Handle?
We specialize in transforming various types of working applications, regardless of their file format, into Microsoft Installer or virtualized applications.

What Information Do You Need for Packaging?
While more information is beneficial, we've designed an application discovery template to expedite the process. If desired, Leapfrog Technology Group can also assist with discovery as part of our service.

Will Your Services Replace Our Current Packagers?
Our services complement your in-house team, enhancing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and overall efficiency. If you lack internal packagers, we offer comprehensive discovery, testing, and packaging support.

Is Pricing Based on Application Complexity?
No, our pricing model simplifies costs with a fixed 'per-app' rate, eliminating budget uncertainty.

How User-Friendly Are Your Packages?
We adhere to industry best practices, including features like self-repair and clean uninstall options.

Let's Collaborate!

Discover more about our tailored services or share your project details with us. Leapfrog Technology Group is ready to support your successful project outcomes!