"We've been using Leapfrog Technology Group at Olympik Signs for over 20 years now. Working with them has been an amazing experience. From day one they've been incredibly professional, knowledgeable, timely and courteous to all our IT needs. They're a great company to work with. I couldn't recommend them enough."

Robert W. Olympik Signs

"The Leapfrog team always provides top level service and support. Their team is always responsive and thorough whether dealing with crisis, general issues, projects, or questions. We appreciate the documentation of all activities and communication of the Leapfrog team. I am always impressed that they make me feel like I am their only customer and my question or problem is their sole priority. I have worked with Leapfrog Technology Group for nearly 10 years and can honestly say that they have performed consistently and set a very high bar for consultancy and support organization to compare."

Marshall C. Compass Housing Alliance

"I contracted with Leapfrog Technology Group to implement a network for our business; the project had major business impact, allowing us a network where one had never existed. We had an immediate timeline and there was business pressure to implement quickly. Leapfrog came in and presented several options with both pros and cons enabling executive management to make informed decisions with regard to customizations specific to the way our business operated and our budget. Jeff was the prime contact for the project and demonstrated the ability to transition between a technical role and a management role when appropriate. The skill to ‘bridge the gap’ between the technical and functional made him an excellent facilitator between Leapfrog, our management and the lay people. In my experience, I have found it to be rare that a person possesses this exceptional ability. Their work was of the highest level of honesty and integrity and the quality of their work consistently exceeds expectations. I highly recommend both Jeff and Leapfrog Technology Group without reservation."

Veronica M. Kay Home Products

"I own a small Real Estate company and needed a remote solution since most of our agents do not come to the office. I asked a couple of consulting companies for a solution, but the cost was out of our budget. I brought in Leapfrog to do a network assessment and they came up with a cost-effective solution that did not break the bank. They also trained our whole staff with a custom Windows and Office class that has really helped us pick up our productivity. We use Leapfrog on a regular basis and are always surprised with the amount of knowledge and professionalism they bring to the table. They are truly a wonderful technology partner!"

Simir S. Publix Realty

"Speed, professionalism, and expertise – I expected it and they delivered on time and at the price I was quoted. Over the course of a few projects ranging from web to mail to my sales and customer data management they haven’t disappointed, and I feel like they really ‘get’ how I function as a small business with a staff that depends on me to make sure things work. Don’t do anything IT until you talk to these guys."

Jason S. Director of IT, RR Donnelly and Small Business Owner
Reflexion Spa

"Incredible support experience…. Computer problems are such a headache, especially when you are as clueless about your machine as I am. So, when my usual repair technique of “push every button and utter every four-letter word I can think of until it does what I want” failed to fix my recent computer crisis, I called Leapfrog. Turns out my “major computer crisis” was easily resolved. The rep from Leapfrog not only fixed the problem, but took the time to teach me how to prevent similar issues in the future. More importantly, he did so without speaking down to me–he avoided the “geek-speak,” fixed the problem, and got me back in business in a matter of minutes. What more could you ask for?"

Emily W. Attorney at Law

"Very knowledgeable team I worked with Leapfrog on a company-wide system upgrade. They worked tirelessly over a weekend to get the project completed on time and correctly without causing interruptions to the regular work week. Any snags encountered (inevitable with a larger project) were taken care of easily. The team worked together very well and was professional throughout."

Kris L. Zappos

Leapfrog Technology Group is a technology organization that delivers innovative services while maintaining a high level of operational stability. The Leapfrog Team acts nimbly to address root causes and make sound recommendations for improvements. Leapfrog stepped in to help recover after a serious disruption to our operations. Jeff Khan and Leapfrog Technology joined forces with us to modernize our infrastructure and complete our digital transformation. A key capability of Leapfrog is its knowledge, commitment and expertise in the heavily regulated healthcare industry. Leapfrog empowered our organization to make state of the art and secure decisions when designing our remediation and digital transformation. I am extremely delighted to recommend to you the exemplary high-quality services of Leapfrog. Their expert service is the best in the business.

Pam N. IL Healthcare Provider

TOP-TIER!!!! I first learned of Leapfrog Technology Group when I acquired my first senior healthcare and living center in 2013. I was looking for a company that could offer me, as a standalone provider, the wide bandwidth and narrow latency of customer care and technology services that one might expect a larger healthcare system to receive. Leapfrog treated my face paced and critical healthcare technology needs like I was their only client. As I acquired new centers and expanded operations in multiple states over the years, Leapfrog’s ability to stay ahead of my needs has been impressive and essential.

Ben F. River North of Bradley Health & Rehabilitation Center

Just like every other service you need in your business from accounting to the landlord, you have to trust and depend on someone to be honest, ethical, and most of all dependable when it comes to IT. Leapfrog appreciates the mutual relationship between your business and theirs. Leapfrog is a company that gets it! In order for them to succeed, we must succeed, and they help make that happen by making efficiency recommendations and offering sound solutions to help you get back up and running your business. They stand behind their work, and I am very much a fan of their customer service team, who are not only responsive, but really want to help.

The work ethic of the company is transparent and you can tell, again, they want your business to succeed. I found Leapfrog Technology Group to be a company that I can trust and depend on. They have come through for me in an instant when needed, and the Principle of the business, Kathy, followed up with me personally by performing quality assurance checks. I am happy to say I am a permanent customer.

Sherry V. Public Safety Solutions

Leapfrog Technology Group is a top-notch, state of the art IT consulting firm. Leapfrog is a very innovative and well established organization that is ahead and well beyond the typical networking firm. Leapfrog Technology Group are master technologists that focus on virtualization, Windows migration, and much more advanced technical infrastructures. They understand the infrastructure and architectural aspects of networking and ways to make networks drive. My experience has been very pleasant and I would choose Leapfrog Technology Group above any other IT consulting firm to do any work for my corporation. I would strongly recommend Leapfrog for any IT projects for your company.

Ramon M.

Having worked with Leapfrog over the years, it’s been my experience that they have an unmatched attention to detail which leads to successful project completion without issue. There are a lot of IT consulting firms out there, but very few with the ability to put your mind at ease with the level of skill, support and customer service that Leapfrog provides. If your organization is too small to have an IT staff, but too large to go without, Leapfrog is the answer.

Ameen S. Systems Integrator
Quantitative Risk Management

Leapfrog Technology Group understood our business needs and implemented all our technology needs for my business to be more dynamic. They made my Windows migration immensely more simple and straightforward reducing the complexity of adding extra staff to implement the project. We never knew about virtualization until they showed us a detailed demonstration and we are not thinking of implementing it.

Moumita C.

Expert technical skills, able to resolve any issue. Responsive, competent, and dependable. Keeps client informed on a timely basis.

Janice M. President
LOGOSkirt Corporation

Any trouble I have had with my account, Leapfrog solved right away. Really happy with this service.

Melissa S.

Leapfrog is always courteous and prompt on addressing any issues we may have.

Rodney G.