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72 Second
Average Time to Answer Incoming Requests

We Strive To Answer Your Call In 2 Rings

Always a North America based LIVE engineer answering your call!  We work a little differently than most.  We don’t have a call-taker you pour your heart out to just to learn that they weren’t the one that was going to work on your issue.  Our professional engineers will address your issue immediately!

We Speak Plain English.

We will always keep our nerdiness in check and communicate with you in PLAIN ENGLISH (or if you prefer, we are also fluent in Spanish, Hindi and Chinese). We can only show our value if you understand what we’re saying!

24/7 Monitoring

We’re always watching! What we mean is…we will monitor your network 24/7 x 365. If anything isn’t working the way it should, we will fix it immediately. Day or night, rain or shine.

Increased Productivity

We significantly reduce downtime, so you’ll see an increase in how much work gets done by your employees.

What Clients Say About Our Customer Service:

“Juan from Leapfrog refused to give up on fixing the Windows indexing problems on my computer. He tried different solutions until he came up with one that worked.  I am in Real Estate and NEED to have a very accurate index of all of my items in Outlook -- Juan saved me. Before Leapfrog looked at my issue, I was considering buying a new computer just for archiving my Outlook items. Leapfrog is the best!”

- Ivona K.

“Any trouble I have had with my account Leapfrog solved right away. Really happy with this service.”

- Melissa S.

“Leapfrog is always courteous and prompt on addressing any issues we may have.”

- Rodney G.

The Leapfrog Support Team is here to help you with questions related to your business technology and computing environment. We have engineers on call and ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.