Revolutionize Application Virtualization with Numecent Cloudpaging™

Elevate Your App Virtualization Strategy with Cutting-Edge Numecent Cloudpaging™ for Next-Generation App Virtualization and Delivery.

Transforming Application Virtualization

Say Goodbye to Limitations with App Virtualization. Numecent Cloudpaging™ Transforms Your App Virtualization Experience, Eliminating Constraints and Unleashing Unprecedented Possibilities.

Addressing Common Challenges

  1. Enhanced Flexibility
    Enable Simultaneous Legacy and Modern Office Application Usage for Your Users.
  2. Decoupling OS and Application Layers
    Achieve Seamless Separation between OS and Application Layers with an Intuitive Approach.
  3. Tackling Application Sprawl
    Simplify Complex Application Virtualization and Management Challenges.
  4. Future-Proofing
    Find an Effective Alternative to App-V to Ensure a Smooth Transition before Support Expires.
  5. Complex Application Virtualization
    Overcome Hurdles in Virtualizing Complex Applications and Those with Drivers.

The Power of Cloudpaging™

Experience Unparalleled Application Virtualization with Numecent Cloudpaging™.

Virtualize Virtually Anything
Elevate Your Application Experience by Virtualizing a Wide Range of Windows Applications, Including Those That Challenge Traditional Virtualization Technologies.

Native Speed and Performance
Enjoy Native-Like Application Performance with Virtualized Apps. Graphics, HD Content, and CPU-Intensive Apps Run Smoothly with No Compromises.

Cost-Efficient VDI
Minimize VDI Costs with Application Virtualization. Separate Applications from the OS and Harness the Power of End Devices, Reducing Infrastructure Expenses.

Offline Availability
Ensure Application Availability Even in Offline Mode. Users Can Access Virtualized Apps Without Losing Licensing Control, Boosting Productivity.

Real-Time Updates
Stay Current with Application Updates in Real-Time, Eliminating the Need for Maintenance Windows. Effortless Rollbacks Ensure Seamless Operation.

Built-In Security
Secure Your Virtualized Apps with Encryption, Compression, and Secure Delivery, Safeguarding Against Theft, Malware, and Other Threats.

The Cloudpaging Journey

Experience the Cloudpaging Ecosystem that Simplifies Application Deployment and Delivery.

  1. Create/Publish
    Prepare Applications for Automated Deployment and Updates Using Cloudpaging™ Studio. Repackage Apps with Ease Across Different Operating Systems.
  2. Deliver
    Utilize the Cloudpaging™ Server for Deploying Applications Across Cloud or On-Premises Servers. Manage Deployments and Updates Seamlessly.
  3. Execute
    Enable End Users to Access Virtualized Applications Through Cloudpaging™ Player. Enhance User Experience with Self-Service Options and Detailed Usage Monitoring.

Versatile Use Cases

Numecent Cloudpaging™ Empowers Various Use Cases:

  • Deploying Complex Applications
  • Streamlining OS Migration
  • Supporting BYOD Users
  • Facilitating Legacy Application Deployment
  • Navigating App-V’s End of Life
  • Achieving a Unified Golden Image
  • Multi-Session Application Usage
  • Seamless App Updates
  • Ensuring End User Compatibility

Seamless Compatibility

Numecent Cloudpaging™ Supports a Wide Range of Windows Environments and Platforms:

  • Windows Applications (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 10 Anniversary for User Desktop OS
  • Physical User Devices (Notebooks, Desktops, Thin Clients)
  • VDI and Remote Session Technologies
  • Compatibility with VMware Horizon View, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and Microsoft 2012, 2016 Server with RDS

Success Stories

Experience Successful Virtualization and Migration Projects, Tailored to Your Needs.

  • Banking and Finance: Revolutionize Complex App Delivery for a Tier-One Bank, Delivering Apps to 70,000 Users via Existing Tools.
  • Centralized App Delivery: Provide Virtualized Apps to 4,000 Users Using Citrix.
  • User Migration: Migrate 6,000 Users to Windows 10, Deploying Apps via Intune.

Explore the Future of Application Virtualization with Numecent Cloudpaging™.