Jeff Khan

  • Founder & CEO

Jeff has over 26 years’ experience in network systems management. His corporate experience ranges from desktop support and network engineering roles to managing support centers, network design and planning teams. His consulting engagements focus on directory design, system migration strategy and execution, systems management and monitoring, and helping clients apply best practices to managing their desktop and server infrastructure. Jeff’s rare combination of technical expertise, management experience, business and customer service skills have enabled him to develop a proven track record of building high performing teams and helping organizations to improve service to their customers. We think he’s OCD.

Jeff has designed and deployed extremely large and complex global networks as large as 32,000 nodes in 30 countries, as well as 104,000 nodes domestically. Yeah, he’s pretty good. We call him a lot of things around here – only one of which I’ll share – and that’s Superman. He likes to think he knows EVERYTHING about network infrastructure and technology, and while that’s not entirely true, we haven’t found anything that he doesn’t know around these topics – just don’t ask him who sings a country song or anything about classic movies – he has NO knowledge of music, or the arts. For Jeff, it’s just science, physics, chemistry, engineering and computers.

When he’s not at work…wait, who are we kidding…he is always working and never sleeps. But when he’s not, he keeps in shape by playing tennis at 5:30 am before coming to work. He definitely thinks he might turn pro, but we don’t want to tell him he’s already missed that boat. He also plays an 8-ball pool league where he picks back up all of those calories he previously burned off at tennis. And, before he had three kids, once upon a time, he fit in beach volleyball in the summers. Phew.

Kathy Hirsekorn

  • Managing Partner

Technically, Kathy has experience in design, implementation and support of server and desktop infrastructure. She is highly skilled in all Microsoft Windows server and client editions. She also has extensive experience in migrating client workstations to Windows using Microsoft automated deployment methodologies. She has designed and implemented server consolidations that include Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center Virtual Machine Manager. She has designed and deployed Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, and System Center Operations Manager. She has managed multiple IT departments in both small and large enterprise environments. Kathy loves to work with other small and medium business owners – being one herself, she feels we all share many of the same similar challenges which lays the groundwork for a strong partnership.

Her expertise is Microsoft and Citrix centric, where she’s one of only a handful of technical trainers with those credentials in all of the Americas. If you’re wondering – she’s #2 of only 97. Yep! She’s that high up there in the network infrastructure food chain. She has extremely strong project management skills and strong leadership experience. At Leapfrog, she uses those skills to lead by example, so don’t be surprised if you call our Service Desk, and Kathy answers personally. How cool is that?

When Kathy isn’t working, she’s either with her family and two kids doing fun family things, or occasionally you’ll find her talking smack at the pool table where she thinks she’s an 8 ball champion. If you get a chance to play her, don’t get hustled, she’ll probably kick your butt. Kathy is also an avid scuba diver and skier.

Jay Li

  • Senior Technical Solutions Architect and Technical Lead

Jay has over 13 years’ experience in network, server and workstation design and management. He has multiple degrees, and before heading to the US to get his Master’s Degree at Depaul, he led the IT team for Ford Motor Company in China, supporting the Chinese subset of Ford’s global network. At Leapfrog, Jay uses those skills when Leapfrog’s support team needs to escalate a very complex technical issue.

When he’s not at work, he’s either with his wife and daughter or he’s tearing someone apart at ping pong (not literally) or playing basketball at Depaul University in Lincoln Park. Oh, and he loves karaoke. Yes – he gave the team a sample – he sang a Justin Bieber song at the office. Don’t tell him we told you!