Websites and Resources We Think You Should Know!

We are strong believers that technology and the internet should be making life EASIER for you. Not harder! That’s why we want to share with you some of the coolest, most bookmark-worthy websites and resources we have found.

Hate having to use your personal address every time you create a new account online? Create a disposable email address and protect yourself from spam!

Want to know if a website is down? Use this site to enter the URL and test for sure whether or not it’s functioning for the rest of the world, or if maybe it’s time to call Leapfrog for IT help.

Download high quality stock images, completely free.

Can’t remember the name of that song? Use this website to hum, search for artists and lyrics, and get some relief!

An online, digital whiteboard you can share with your friends!

Make flowcharts and diagrams for presentations at the click of a few buttons!

Lose the dice to your favorite board game? No worries. This website has not only the capability to roll the dice for you, it’ll also help you make decisions by flipping coins or picking a random number between two values.

If you’re getting ready to take on a new name for your company, your side hustle, or even for a personal account, you might want to check out this site before you go changing your username on social media! This site will check over 30 different domains to see whether or not your username of choice is available. Neat!

Most people throw out the manual with the box, and that’s okay, until you need it! Thankfully, this site has hundreds of manuals available to view, so you never have to dig through the garbage again!

Make simple, free, one page websites at the push of a button!

Ever seen a website and wanted to know what CMS and plugins they used? With this site you can download a free plugin that will give you information on any site you want!

Download free, high quality stock videos!

Create stunning, eye-catching graphs, charts, diagrams and other visuals for your presentations.